Q&A with freshman Karen Wiley

Q&A with freshman Karen Wiley

Oct. 10, 2003

Interests and hobbies outside of Rowing:

Roller blading, socializing with friends.

List any academic honors you’ve won or class/club offices held :

Honor Roll 1999-2003 and Student Council Vice President 2003.

Why did you choose the University of Miami?

Location, campus (nice!), and the rowing program.

What was your first impression of Miami?

Wow! It’s muggy here.

Who is your favorite athlete, Why?

Buffy Alexander-She’s tough.

Why did you start rowing?

My cousin rowed and I liked it.

When did you start rowing?

Ninth grade (1999).

What challenges did/do you face as a novice rower?

Coordination, lack of strength.

What changes have you recently made to improve your rowing technique?

Weight training for better power.

What is your best rowing memory?

Winning the Canadian Henley in 2002 and winning the Canadian Schoolboy in the pair 2003 and the entire season.

Would you ever consider rowing as a “life sport”?

Absolutely! You can do it no matter how old you get.

Any superstitions before regattas?


What advice would you give young people?

Don’t get frustrated, just try harder.

What did you do this summer?

LOTS of rowing and working on a farm.

What are your goals at Miami both in sports and outside sports?

To get good grades and row my heart out.