James Jones Chat Wrap

Feb. 22, 2002

2390.gifJames Jones: I am here and ready to go!!!

Michael(MIA): Do you feel more comfortable playing the 3 or 4?

2390.gifJames Jones: It really doesn’t matter, I’m comfortable with both. I like the 3 beceause you get to move around a little more. It works well for me both ways though.

Weezy from Fort Luderdale: Don’t you think that you and Elton should get the ball in the post a little more? No offense to the perimeter players, but I think this team will live up to John’s preseason expectations (Final Four) if you established more of an inside presence instead of shooting so many jumpers.

2390.gifJames Jones: I would love to have the ball more on the inside. This team really does need an inside presence. We have a great perimeter game and some teams don’t think we can score down low. That would give us a big advatage heading to the post season to have that presence down low.

J.T. (Nashville): How are you and the other starters handling all the minutes Perry’s been giving you? Do you all still have your legs?

2390.gifJames Jones: That was an issue earlier .. there were some times I felt fatigued but coach has been great at giving me rests and it’s really been a good balance. I’m not as fatigued as I once was.

Alonzo Armstead: Can you predict how for you guys will go in the NCAA Tournament? Will stay or go to the NBA, I know that it is early? What would be your most popular choice?

2390.gifJames Jones: I think we can go really far. It depends on how consistent we are. When we are playing our best we can hang with the best of them.

Porter (Philly): I know here in Philly that local hoops players are always ballin together in the off-season. Is Florida the same way? If so, which pro’s hoop it up in the FLA? Do Gators, ‘Canes, & ‘Noles all mix it up, too? Thanks!

2390.gifJames Jones: It’s difficult .. we are the only major school here really. So I don’t have the chance to do that. We do get a chance to play with the NBA guys in the offseason .. I fare pretty well with those guys. The competition level over the summer is outstanding.

joey: Hey JJ what do you feel are the teams strengths and weaknesses?Also how do you feel you guys will do in the tourney this year?

2390.gifJames Jones: Our main weakness is probably our inside play and rebounding. We haven’t been rebounding well. Our strength is our versatility as a team. Guys can play so many different positions, we are all interchangable.

J.T. (Nashville): Aside from you, which ‘Cane would you want to take the last shot in a close game?

2390.gifJames Jones: Besides myself, that’s tough. I would say John Salmons, he is so consistent.

Phil, Staten Island: James, can’t wait to see you guys in the Big East Tourney! Who do you think Miami will play in the Big East Championship game at the Garden? Go ‘Canes! R.I.P. #48

2390.gifJames Jones: Right now it looks like Pittsburgh, they are the toughest team coming out of the other division.

Phil(Norwalk): James, UCONN is possibly the only team standing in your way from a Big East title, do you think pounding the ball inside to Elton is the way to beat them, or to stick with the outside game?

2390.gifJames Jones: We would make it a dog fight and win it however we can. They are very tough to play, they are very versatile. They pose lots of matchup problems. You just take what they give you and make the most of it. It would all come down to defense.

Porter (Philly): Which pro’s are known to hoop it up in Miami? Zo and Eddie Jones? Who has been toughest for you so far?

2390.gifJames Jones: A lot of guys, Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson, Iverson, Mutombo, McKey and some of the younger guys have been around. Glen Rice comes around a lot, Hardaway a lot.

J.T. (Nashville): What has made B.C. so tough for you guys this year? I know they have the 2 guards, but I don’t see any reason why you can’t beat them. Take ’em out in the Big East tourney, will ya?

2390.gifJames Jones: They have just had great guard play. Bell has had huge games against us and they cause us problems. They pose problems because of their quickness and have had problems matching up with small, quick teams.

Doug (NYC): Which teams do you think can surprise some teams in the Big East Tourney?

2390.gifJames Jones: It would probably be St. John’s .. I don’t think people recognize how hard they play. Those are the types of teams that do well in the tournemnt, teams that make those hustle plays.

Alonzo Armstead: The GPA IS EXCELLENT AND i WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE YOU FOR THAT. There is always life after Basketball and you have definitely shown that. God Bless You!!!

2390.gifJames Jones: Thanks for the questions, I appreciate your support. It should be a fun and exciting end to the season. Take care.