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Feb. 18, 2002

Larry Shore, Hillsboro Beach, FL to Elton Tyler: ET–I drive from way up here to see you guys play every game–I sometimes come down while you’re warming up and say “ET, you’re gonna have the game of your life tonight! But I’ll tell you something–you should be THE man on the boards for us! DO IT!

Sandra Salmons, Philadelphia, PA to John Salmons: Congraulation,and the best of luck in your future,I love you.

Daniel Escalante, Miami, FL to John Salmons: Yo’ John, I give you much ‘props. You been aroundsince Steve Rich was dunkin’ on Felipe Brown. You a big part of why this team is where its at. Hey, I want to remember you as a ‘Cane, so if you can before u go pro, can i have your jersey?

Chianeva Gilbert, Atlanta, GA to Elton Tyler: Congratulations on all your success this yearSquiggy! As your former tutor, I hope you are keeping those grades up. I want to see you at graduation in May. Love Ya’! Chianeva

Spencer Shapiro, Miami, FL to John Salmons: Good luck in the tournament this year, and in theNBA next year. I know this team is capapble of winning it all. Go Canes

Erica Benjamin, Fairbanks, AK to Elton Tyler: Congratulations on a great basketball career inMiami. I wish nothing but the best for you and yours in the future.

Mayra I. Rosales, Miami, FL to Elton Tyler: Congratulations on your Senior Year! You’re myfavorite Hurricane! :O)

Matt Laken, Philadelphia to John Salmons: keep up the good work [i went to sixers camp when you were there] and espn thinks that you wil get drafted early 2nd round so do I and all your fans keep it up!! your biggest fan matt!

Adam Restuccia, York, PA to John Salmons: John, you are definitely my favorite Hurricane andit is awesome to watch you play. I think that you are one of the most unselfish players I have ever seen and you make everyone around you better players too. Keep up the good work.

Natia Small, Amherst, MA to John Salmons: you don’t know me…but, may god keep you safe andmay success come your way. you are a prized black male that has achieved many things and will continue to achieve. always kep the faith.

Harry Pendleton, Plymouth Meeting, PA to John Salmons: Hey Buck, we are proud of you up here man, keep on ballin’ and don’t forget that God is still in control. Peace man. Harry P.

Richard Shankweiler, Fort Lauderdale, FL to John Salmons: As an alumnus of UM, I want to express my appreciation for you and your 4 years at UM. You have been outstanding in basketball and in leadership. We shall miss you next year!

Leigh Husband, Coral Gables, FL to All Seniors: I am so proud of all of you!! You have are almost there. I will be there on May 10 cheering for you. I knew that you could do it. I think it was the great academic advising.

Jason Wilson, Plant City, FL to Sheila James: Hello Sheila, I dont know if you remember me…but I used to come with your mom and Jessicas to all of your basketball games in Palmetto. I have watched you on tv as much as possible…You are doing great! You thinking about the WNBA? GOOD LUCK!

Carlos Ortega, Miami, FL to John Salmons: yo wasup? i’ve been to many games this year and i cansee all you guys with much talent! hopefully you can bring home the title but no matter what just have fun and good luck in your future.

Kory Ness, Enola, Pennsylvania to Johnny Salmons: good luck in the pro’s

Dwayne Wimbley, Fort Lauderdale, FL to John Salmons: What’s up John? I think your biggest accomplishment this season is getting the younger players to play within the team. You lead by example, which is the best way. Good luck for the rest of this season and the rest of your career!

Dwayne Wimbley, Fort Lauderdale, FL to Elton Tyler: What’s up E? I know you have been waiting to get back on the court to show everyone what you can do. I think you are the biggest reason for the turn around from last season. Good Luck in the tournament.

Ralph DeVito, Philadelphia, PA to John Salmons: You are a big reason that Canes b-ball is back on the map. Your game has developed immensely over the last four yours. Likewise, the Canes have devleoped into a national contender. Good Luck at the next level.

Peter Boylan, Blue Bell, PA to John Salmons: Buck, we here at PW have been delightedly following your career. No one is particularly suprised with your success. As usual you continue to improve year by year and have shown that you are the glue that holds the Canes together. Best of luck. PW Pete

Amanda Kikutis, Viera,FL to Jerry Schlie: Hey! I just wanted to say I enjoyed watching you play for the Hurricanes. I am going up to Rob and Christa’s this summer, hopefully I willget to see you, I haven’t seen you since I was in middle school!

Javi Correoso, Miami, FL to John Salmons: Your Freshman Year, you missed a buzzer beater to beat then NO.1 UCONN..i knew that would help you grow up and become a better player..i know its been hard not playing in front of too many fans,but im always there..thanks for everything John

Brad Histand, Quakertown, PA, to John Salmons: Mr. Versitility, I played for the point forQuakertown High School in 1998. Congrates on a great year. Even though youmight only score 13 a game, you still have a ticket to the NBA, Versitility. What happened to Chucky Moore?

Curtis Mahaffey, Miami, FL to John Salmons: You and the rest had a great year good luck in thefuture and this is the kid you met in the locker room (Curtis had a Rice jersey on)in the Notre Dame game. Hope to see you in the future. Bye

Mark Arrowsmith, Orange Park, FL, to Jerry Schlie: I just wanted to say that i think you are one of the most underrated players in college basketball. You are an unbelievable ball handler, who really should have seen more time at guard. Good luck in the NBA.

Brad Kenin, Coral Gables, FL to Elton Tyler: Elton, I am a kid who has enjoyed watching you play basketball for the Canes for the past five years. You are a terrific player and a great guy. You have great athletic ability! Your inside game cannot be stopped! Good luck in the future!

Brad Kenin, Coral Gables, FL to Jerry Schlie: Jerry, I want to thank you for all the enthusiasm and support you’ve given to the Canes! You’re a great player and a great leader! Good luck to you!

Zach Cagle, Decatur, GA to The Whole Team: I just wnated to say how proud I am of you guys this year, I have really been impressed how you used your leadership skills and played as a team, good job and please bring us a championship

Tanya Simpson, Philadelphia, PA to John Salmons: What’s Up Fam! Hope everything is going well in school and your personal life. Keep up the good work. See you real soon! Peace

Camilla ?sth, Oviedo, Spain to ET, John, Jerry: Hey you all! All the luck to you guys in the future. I am happy to have met you all in my life. Much love!

Kory Ness, Enola, Pennsylvania to Johnny Salmons: I loved watching you play you have so much game,you are one of the best players I have ever watched

Edward Hoban, River Vale, NJ to John Salmons: You keep your cool under all conditions whichreflects your poise and confidence. your really good and helps make miami stay in the rankings. lov ya!!!!!

Brian McClain, Miami, FL to John Salmons, Elton Tyler, and Jerry Schlie: You guys are the best. Thank you for the great year and all the fun I had at the games. My friends are purchasing season tickets again. P.S. CANES ARE #1 4 LIFE

Dan Kozlowski, Denver, CO to John Salmons: Thansk for 4 great years. You were my favoriteplayers during the run for the way you played your heart out on D, unselfishly passed the rock, and showed versatility on O. Make sure you go down swinging in NYC and NCAA. Take control of the game.

Adam Dounn, Cooper City, FL to John Salmons: John u played great all seaon u had a great yeargood luck in ny and the nba draft

Gary Dye, Davie, FL to John Salmons: You are the MVP. Congrats on a great 4 yrs and excellent senior season. Good luck in the future.

Adam Foldes, Hardwick, MA to John Salmons: Thanks for a great four years 3 NCAA Tournaments in four years. Wow!

Michael Booth, Miami, FL to John Salmons & Elton Tyler: Guys, thank you for everything you have done for Hurricane basketball. Good luck!!!

Steve Brown, Hamilton, Mass to Elton Tyler, John Salmons, and Jerry Schlie to: Good luck in the future! You will always be Canes.

Ashley Lawson, Waltham, Massachusetts to Kathryn Fowler: Congrats on a successful season and a wondeful career!

Camilla ?sth, Oviedo, Spain to Sheila, Martha, Kat: Hey you all, good job on the seasons so far, and keep it up in March. Great win over BC! I miss you guys! Much love!

Ryan Fisher, Coral Gables, FL to Jerry Schlie: What team do you think will draft you in the NBA? I hope you play for the Heat so that I can continue to watch you grow as a basketball player.

J E McCoy, Coral Gables, FL to Elton Tyler: Thanks for being a Cane and giving us 4 years of great basketball. Our group thinks you tend to be a bit lazy on the court, but you can blow the other team off the court “when you want to”! so JUST DO IT! at the Big East Tourney! Go Canes!

J E McCoy, Coral Gables, FL to John Salmons: Congrats on your winning the BE sportsmanship award. You are the most unselfish player I have seen! Thanks for being a Cane and giving us 4 years of great basketball. JUST DO IT! at the Big East Tourney! Go Canes!

J E McCoy, Coral Gables, FL to Jerry Schlie: Thanks for being a Cane. Even though you didnt get much court time, (which maybe you should have!) you are a great supporter of your teammates. Keep them on track at the BE Tourney and Go Canes!

John Cocktossin, Coral Gables, FL to Jerry Schlie: Jerry, your story has been an insperation to the white community. I was wondering if you were concidering leaving school early for the pros.

Joel Warren, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina to John Salmons: Good luck in the upcoming NCAA tournament. I played at UM 1986-1990 and wore #5. It is an honor to have such a fine player and person wearing my old number. You have done a tremendous job in representing our university.

Carmen Carter, Springfield, MA to Elton Tyler : Elton I just wanted to say that I have watched you play ever since you were playing for Leo and BABC. I watched you play in the Milt Kelly Tournament at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Taunton. I did the clock and I want to say you are awesome.

Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida to John Salmons, Elton Tyler, Jerry Schlie: Congrats on making the NCAA Tournament, but ya’ll go out west and represent. Play your game and there is no doubt in my mind you can take that region. It is the toughest region on the board, but if ya’ll ball like ya’ll can, no one can stop you.

Yrad Torres, Orlando, Florida to Elton Tyler: Yo sorry about the lost to Pitt. But great season and good luck in the N.B.A i will be looking for hope you go to The Magic and help T mac….lol good luck

Suzanne Bowyer, Cleveland, Ohio to Elton Tyler: GOOD LUCK

Dan Schomaker, Lincoln, NE to John Salmons: Congratulations on your Big East selection & sportsmanship award you really make me want to watch basketball again.

John Pieklo, Key Largo, FL to John Salmons: Fellow PW graduate, I sure have enjoyed watching your 4 years at UM. I am from Conshy and came down in 1967 and never left. I wish you and the Canes the best in NY. GO CANES- your COLONIAL supporterJOHN

Hilary Fallow, Coral Gables, FL to John Salmons: Congratulations John! Just wanted to say “Good Luck” in whatever you do. You are my favorite player on the team and it’s not going to be the same next year without you. Be the best you can at what you can.

Michelle Lynn Anderson, Miami, FL to Elton Tyler: I just want to say that I thought you were the best player on the hurricanes and you were great all season. Good luck in the future in what you do. I have a question though…are you going to the NBA next year??

Jay Schaffer, San Diego, CA to John Salmons: John I have admired your hard work and wish you well in the playoffs the Big Dance and beyond…God Bless