Q&A With Senior Sheila James

Q&A With Senior Sheila James

Sept. 24, 2001

Sheila James-Senior-Orlando, FL

1. At what age did you start playing basketball and why?
Nine years old, because it was the only sport that I had not tried and it looked really fun.

2. Who in your family do you idolize?
My mom, because she has been such a positive influence in my life.

3. Who do you think is the greatest player at your position?
Michael Jordan.

4. What do you like to watch on television?
I love to watch, ‘Your on the Case’, Tuesdays on the Discovery Channel. It’s about police investigations and forensic science.

5. Some people would be surprised to learn this about you?
That I am a dedicated student with very ambitious career goals. I plan on owning and operating my own business one-day.

6. Worst feeling you have ever had in basketball?
My last game in high school, we were losing but we were making a comeback when I got injured and had to sit out the rest of the game. We ended up losing the game that was a really bad feeling.

7. What was your impression the first time that you visited Miami?
I thought the campus was really beautiful and peaceful.

8. Where are your favorite hot spots in Miami?
I like to go shopping, to the grove and GameWorks in Sunset Place.

9. What two traits would you like to borrow from two of your teammates?
I would borrow coach (Robin) Harmony’s brain, she was a very smart player and she offers a lot to the team. I would borrow Meghan’s (Saake) spirit, because she is always positive.

10. Best sports memory playing for Miami?
Going to the NIT my freshman season.

11. Who has been your favorite roommate at UM and why?
I have had two really great roommates over the past three years at Miami, Kathryn Fowler and Alicia Hartlaub. Kat and Alicia are just like sisters to me. I have made many great memories with both of them.

12. Your house is on fire. Your family is safe. What items do you go back in and get?
My mom’s picture when she was in the 9th grade, my sisters graduation picture from college and the picture of all my brothers and sisters when they were alive. It is the only copy of the photo and the only time we were all together.

13. One athlete or entertainer you look at and say, “I wish I had his or her life”?
Cheryl Swoops, she’s very down to earth and a great basketball player.

14. You are stuck on an island forever. Pick one CD, one book and a person?
My cousin Marvin, because he knows how to survive, the Bible and my favorite mix CD that I burned.

15. What is your favorite movie?
Officer and a Gentleman.