You Asked, She Tells - Amanda Papuga

You Asked, She Tells - Amanda Papuga

May 29, 2001

Who do you think will step up and lead the team coming into next season?

It’s hard for me to answer that question, because we have so muchtalent anyone on our team has the capability of being the go to person nextyear. Although, to give a more straight forward answer, I would have tosay Nivie (Chanivia Broussard). She’s already had a tremendous first year, and that experience coupled with her improving upon her weaknesses over the summer leads me tobelieve there is no telling what she can accomplish. Who knows maybeshe’ll dunk. I should also mention that freshman Lonnie Whigham is anamazing athlete and is destined to be a driving force on this years team.

What does it take to be a great player, and how do you expect your team to do this season?

To be a great player you have to possess many talents and skills, but ifI were to choose one I would have to say hard work. My high school soccercoach used to say it best, “The shoes of a champion are not loafers.” Asfor how I think our team will do, very, very well. The past two years thereis no doubt that we have been underachievers, and I know that everyone isready to step it up this year.

How many three pointers are you going to hit next season?

I’d like to double however many I hit last year, whatever that was.

Do you feel you have accomplished all your goals as a sophomore player?

No, I don’t feel that I accomplished everything I had wanted to mysophomore year. The good thing is that I have new goals as well as a newyear ahead of me.

How would you describe your second year as a member of UM’s basketballteam?

It was an amazing and challenging experience, and hopefully I’ve becomea stronger and better person because of it.

How do you like Miami as a school and as a city?

Miami is an unbelievable institution. It’s everything I had hoped forin a university. Miami as a city is amazing as well. I never thought Icould ever live in another city besides Chicago until I moved down here.