Miami Places Fourth in the Country at the College National Open Water Championships

Miami Places Fourth in the Country at the College National Open Water Championships

by Catherine Coffenberg

MIAMI, Fla. – On Sunday, Florida International University (FIU) and the College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) hosted the College National Open Water Championships on the Biscayne Bay. This 5000m race consisted of nearly 250 student-athletes from more than 40 colleges and universities competing across all three NCAA divisions.

Out of the 21 women’s swim teams that competed in this race, Miami’s swim team placed fourth in the country, with a time of 2:59.42. Miami’s team had outstanding performances by Aino Otava, Sarah Sensenbrenner, Kate Sommerstad, Isabel Traba, Adrianna Cera, Savannah Barr, and Nicole Sowell. Rice University took home first place, with a time of 2:55.25. Followed by Rice, Northwestern University (2:58.30) and Villanova University (2:58.35) took home second and third place.

“It was the first time we’ve ever competed in an open water race,” Miami head coach Andy Kershaw said. “It was very exciting, and I’m so proud of the team’s performance. None of the team has too much experience with this type of race since it’s different than a pool race.”

Miami had the largest number of competitors at the event. Miami’s performance was led by Otava, who placed 11th individually (59:29.93). Following Otava, Sensenbrenner placed 12th, only seconds behind (59:59.40). Somerstad placed 18th, with a time of 1:00:11.43.

Traba (1:01:42.42), Cera (1:01:47.93), and Barr (1:01:57.24) all placed in the top 50. Sowell finished with a time of 1:04:25.29. Vivian Vanrenterghem and Jane Fitzgerald also placed in the individual results.

“I’m very proud of the girls and our overall finish. Once we practice more in open water, I’m convinced they can win this race in the future,” Kershaw said.

Miami will resume competition at home at the Whitten Center Pool on January 4, against Boston College.