McCormack, Vock Impress on Day One in Austin

McCormack, Vock Impress on Day One in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas — The University of Miami diving team enjoyed an impressive showing on Day One of the USA Diving Winter National Championships, with three women’s divers placing in the finals of Tuesday night’s 1-meter event.

With one day of competition in the books, the Hurricanes ranked first in the team title race at the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center.

Reigning ACC Women’s Diver of the Year Kara McCormack took silver, finishing in second place with a final score of 532.60. McCormack, competing in her hometown of Austin, earned the eighth and final qualifying spot during preliminary rounds. Thea Vock, who recorded the third-best preliminary score, took bronze with a score of 526.00.

“Obviously it feels great to get off to a fast start,” head coach Randy Ableman said. “That’s the best we’ve ever done. To have two of my divers who are coming back off surgery perform so well in their first nationals back was great.”

Lester rounded out the night with an eighth-place finish in finals, totaling 493.65 for the Hurricanes – the only school to place more than one diver in the night’s final round.

The USA Diving Winter National Championships continue through Sunday, December 22. Wednesday’s competition features men’s 3-meter and women’s 10-meter preliminaries and semifinals.

“We all feel great that we’re on the right track. It’s been a lot of hard work, and I’m glad it’s paying off at just the right time,” Ableman said. “Our primary goal is to do the same thing at the NCAA Championships towards the end of the year, and this is going to give them a lot of confidence to do that.”

Day One Results

Men’s 1-meter

1. Aaron Fleshner, Alabama Diving, 805.15;2. Clark Thomas, Unattached, 695.85;3. Connor Kuremsky, Stanford University, 692.40;4. Cory Bowersox, The University of Texas, 690.20;5. Daniel Helm, Unattached, 676.45;6. Sean McKinney, Unattached, 660.45;7. David Bonuchi, Unattached, 652.60;8. Bradley Christensen, Stanford University, 626.50;

Eliminated after prelims
9. Thomas Neubacher, Florida State University Diving Team, 329.05;10. Collin Pollard, Santa Clara Diving Club, 322.35;11. Bryce Klein, Unattached, 320.10;12. Ford McLiney, Unattached, 309.30;13. Jakob (jb) Kolod, Unattached, 306.20;14. William McCraney, The University of Texas, 303.80;15. Michael Mosca, Harvard Diving, 301.15;16. Jack Nyquist, North Carolina Diving, 296.35;17. John Fox, Kentucky Diving Club, 287.20;18. Sean Obrien, The University of Texas, 281.70;19. Alec Back, Purdue University, 279.50;20. Nathaniel Hernandez, GC Diving, 277.55;21. Dashiell Enos, Trojan Dive Club, 276.65;22. Cameron Thatcher, Ohio State Diving Club, 249.70;23. Carl Buergler, Unattached, 249.45

Women’s 1-meter

1. Victoria Ishimatsu, Trojan Dive Club, 536.15;2. Kara Mccormack, University of Miami, 532.60;3. Thea Vock, University of Miami, 526.00;4. Deidre Freeman, Iowa Diving Club, 525.65;5. Casey Matthews, Purdue University, 525.40;6. Loren Figueroa, Unattached, 520.95;7. Meghan Houston, The University of Texas, 500.25;8. Lindsay Lester, University of Miami, 493.65;

Eliminated after prelims
9. Alexandra Bettridge, Unattached, 255.45;10. Emma Ivory-Ganja, The University of Texas, 249.75;11. Stephanie Phipps, Stanford University, 246.60;12. Michelle Cabassol, Purdue University, 242.80;13. Christa Cabot, Kentucky Diving Club, 241.05;14. Phoebe Lamay, Unattached, 239.90;15. Amanda Burke, Unattached, 235.15;16. Maren Taylor, The University of Texas, 234.65;17. Kelsey Goodman, Florida State University Diving Team, 231.80;18. Michaela Butler, Unattached, 231.30;19. Shannon Lumbra, Unattached, 226.90;20. Maria Coburn, Longhorn Aquatics, 226.80;21. Camryn Hidalgo, Mission Viejo, 224.80;22. Eszter Pryor, Ohio State Diving Club, 224.55;23. Megan Harper, Unattached, 221.70;24. Rachel Mumma, Unattached, 218.85;25. Kate Hillman, Indiana University, 215.55;26. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Marlins Diving Club, 212.10;27. Olivia Ball, Ohio State Diving Club, 210.25;28. Katie Carter, Akron Rippers, 208.65;29. Brooke Schultz, Unattached, 200.00;30. Emily Grund, GC Diving, 197.35;31. Ciara Monahan, UCLA Diving, 187.55;32. Carrie Dragland, Unattached, 176.95;33. Olivia Rosendahl, Trojan Dive Club, 148.90