Hurricanes Close Fall Season With Solid Results at Rivanna Romp

Hurricanes Close Fall Season With Solid Results at Rivanna Romp

Nov. 13, 2005

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – The University of Miami varsity rowing squad closed the fall season with strong results at the Rivanna Romp held on the Rivanna Reservoir Sunday afternoon.

The Hurricanes opened the regatta with a spirited eighth place finish in a close varsity eight race. Miami was merely two seconds behind perennial rowing powers Clemson, Texas and Virginia. All three boats clocked in at 14:27, with fractions of a second separating fifth and seventh place, while the Hurricanes crossed the finish line in a time of 14:29.37.

“The rowers were really excited about how they did today,” said head coach Debra Morgan. “To finish two seconds behind schools like Clemson and Texas over a 14 minute piece is really exciting for us.”

The quad boat of Emy Huntsman, Natasha Lejer, Karen Wiley and Sarah Conlon claimed Miami’s first-ever victory over a Virginia boat. Though the Hurricanes incurred a thirty second penalty, they still came out ahead crossing the finish in a time of 16:18.79 ahead of the Cavaliers who clocked in at 16:27.33.

“We had two very solid fall races at both the Head of the Hooch and at the Rivanna Romp,” said Morgan. “The varsity eight will clearly be in a new speed class. They’re competitive with the other major Division I schools in the south region and are very competitive in the ACC. We’re definitely looking forward to the spring season.”

Rivanna Romp Results:

Varsity 8+
1. OSU “A” – 13:51.88
2. Wisconsin “A” – 14:02.30
3. Virginia “A” – 14:05.91
4. Tennessee “A” – 14:05.91
5. Clemson “A” – 14:27.17
6. Texas “A” – 14:27.25
7. Virginia “B” – 14:27.26
8. Miami “A” – 14:29.37 (Laura Comeau (Cox), Emy Huntsman, Natasha Lejer, Laura Cordner, Sarah Stocks, Rachel Clausing, Sarah Conlon, Karen Wiley, Bethany Krawec)
~18. Miami “B” – 15:22.68 (Jessica Martin (Cox), Marenda Chamberlin, Kelly Amsler, Marleena Eyre, Laura Coltman, Molly Wilson, Taurii Coyne, Elizabeth Skidmore, Charlotte Hillary)

1. Miami – 16.18.79 (Emy Huntsman, Natasha Lejer, Karen Wiley, Sarah Conlon)
2. Virginia – 16:27.33

Varsity 4+
1. Wisconsin – 16:00.66
~12. Miami “B” – 16:32.44(Laura Comeau (Cox), Laura Cordner, Sarah Stocks, Rachel Clausing, Molly Wilson)
~17. Miami “A” – 16:48.72 (Meghan Leydecker (Cox), Marenda Chamberlin, Kelly Amsler, Bethany Krawec, Marleena Eyre)

1. Virginia – 17:06.99
2. Miami “A” – 17:38.06 (Laura Coltman/Taurii Coyne)
3. Texas “A” – 18:04.31
4. Miami “B” – 19:29.46 (Liz Skidmore/Charlotte Hillery)