Help Miami Rowing Break Into The Top 20!

Building on last year’s accomplishments and speed, we are gearing up for another year of intense learning in the classroom and exciting racing on the water. Creating a nationally ranked squad takes time, talent, funding, and persistence; one by one we are making it happen. Our goal is to finish the spring season in the top 20 amongst all other Division I programs in the country. We need your help! Over the past two years, our Athletic Department has increased their support of the rowing program. Unfortunately, rowing is an expensive sport and much of the cost comes from equipment. There is still so much that we need to help us get to the next level!

Our mission is to raise enough money to purchase a new Vespoli Millennium Four to complete our fleet of boats this year. For a squad’s success, it is vital to have the ability to put several fours on the water at once, enabling a coach to compare rowers by switching them into different line-ups and comparing the difference in boat speed. This process is called seat-racing, and is done throughout the year to gauge the speed and progress of each athlete. At this time, we are unable to seat race in two boats of equal quality, (negatively affecting the results) which is a major component of fair and honest boat selection.

A new Vespoli Millennium four costs $14,800. If the parents’ of each rower donates $270 to our goal this fall, we could have the boat added to our fleet in time to select our spring racing line-ups. We will also be able to race the boat at several spring regattas!

$14,800 / 55 (parents of rowers) = $269.09

A legacy is beginning within the rowing team here at the University of Miami. You can be a part of history in the making! Please take the time to enjoy the included information about our team. If you have any questions, please call the rowing office at 305-284-3811. We hope to get to know all of the parents of these amazing student-athletes. You are why they are here with us today, and why they have become such outstanding young women. We hope to see you in the spring!

A special thank you to the anonymous donor who gave us $7,500.

Kathy & Dan Ford
Diane Cullen
John Morris
Grace McHugh & Craig Merrill
Ms. Katherine Bresnahan
Fred Stepanian
William & Sharon Goodwin
Thomas Rosa
Verlan Van Ee
Robert & Laurel Clausing
Mary Mossop Crane
James & Doris Clausing
Brenda Hawes
Jeffrey & Gretchen Tarleton
Elliot & Pat Lowenstein
Ken & Pam Board
Nichlas Via
The Coltmans
George and Elisabeth Stuart
Ken and Wendy Peters
Barbara and James Crane
Anne Piazza