Q&A with sophomore Laura Comeau

Q&A with sophomore Laura Comeau

Oct. 17, 2003

Interests and hobbies outside of Rowing:

Playing guitar, longboarding.

Why did you choose the University of Miami?

I love the coaches here and I believe they can help me take huge steps towards my goal of making the Canadian National Team.

What was your first impression of Miami?

It’s very bright, hot ,and there are lots of palm trees. I’m from Canada, eh?

Who is your favorite athlete, Why?

My coach and friend Brian Elliott. He knows how to work hard and keep life in perspective. He is very inspirational to me.

Why did you start rowing?

Brian Elliott.

When did you start rowing?

Ninth Grade.

What challenges did/do you face as a novice rower?

Figuring out how to steer and knowing simple rowing commands such as, “let it run!”

What changes have you recently made to improve your rowing technique?

I record my races and transcribe them onto paper to have a clear idea of what I’m really saying and how to make that better.

What is your best rowing memory?

Going to the Women’s English Henley with the “Fab Four”, Elliott, Mama Elliott, and my parents.

Would you ever consider rowing as a “life sport”?

Yes! I know a man 74 years old who is still rowing strong.

What advice would you give young people?

Life is meant to be lived.

What are your goals at Miami both in sports and outside sports?

My goal is to graduate with good marks, good friends, and to be a twice as good a coxswain as I am currently.