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Women's Rowing Beats Navy

Women's Rowing Beats Navy

March 13, 2003

The UM and Navy Varsity and JV 8’s scrimmaged together performing a total of five competitions Thursday at Indian Creek in Miami Beach with the Hurricanes’ varsity unit winning each scrimmage.

“I was excited and pleased with the athletes’ performances today,” said coach Debra Morgan. “Last year at this time, Navy was beating us so today’s outcome is extremely encouraging.”

The Hurricanes’ varsity vied with Navy in two two-minute scrimmages at 18 strokes a minute, two four-minute scrimmages at 20, and one six-minute scrimmage at a 22.

They finished two seats up on the Navy Varsity Eight on the first scrimmage and then won all of the remaining scrimmages by open water. The JV Eight finished behind the Navy JV on all of the scrimmages. They were only down two to three seats on the first two scrimmages and then finished down by open water for the rest of the scrimmage.

The UM and Navy Novice 8’s did two 1,000 meter scrimmages and two 500 meter scrimmages. UM won all race scrimmages by open water. Navy placed second, beating UM’s 2nd Novice 8 by open water.

The Hurricanes race again on Sunday, March 16 when they go head-to-head with Yale in Sarasota, Fla..

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