Women's Rowing Scrimmages Against Michigan State and Boston College

March 11, 2002

Coral Gables, Fla. (www.hurricanesports.com) — – This past Friday and Saturday, March 9-10, the University of Miami varsity women’s crew and novice women’s crew scrimmaged against Michigan State and Boston College, respectively.

The Spartans were able to get the best of the varsity women’s eight and second eight by winning all four pieces (races) ran. In the varsity fours, the Hurricanes’ one of its pieces against Michigan State. The novice eights did one six-minute piece and two four-minute pieces, tying in the six and with UM falling to MSU in both four-minute pieces.

The Saturday scrimmage against Boston College includes all crews racing one 2,000-meter piece, two 1,000-meter pieces and three 500-meter pieces.

The UM varsity women’s eight finished behind Boston College in each of the pieces, but the second eight swept the Eagles in each of their races. The varsity four also defeated Boston College in a 2,000-meter piece, as well.

The Hurricanes women’s novice crew, which had only one eight competing, defeated three boats from Boston College in its piece.

Sitting in the varsity eight was coxswain Jenny Lee and rowers Jacqui Julien, Marijka VanderPol, Ananda Chou, Alli Nelson, Monika Manios, Mandy Turner, Jordanna Heywood and Jenny Krawec. The second eight contained coxswain Meg Venezia and rowers Anna Cohen, Caroline Stuart, Tyler Merrill, Yennisha Pino, Julie Crane, Dorothy Clay, Maggie Knuth and Sara Grossman.

The Hurricanes varsity four was coxswain April Runkle and rowers Laraine Martin, Yassi Hairinia, Rachel Sander and Melissa Saunders.

Miami women’s rowing opens the season on Friday, March 15th against Syracuse the Hurricanes’ home course on Indian Creek in Miami Beach.