Purpose and Goal

“U Respect” is aimed to encourage positive behavior amongst our student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans with a focus on increasing awareness and a commitment to sportsmanship at all Miami Hurricanes athletic events.

Slogan / Tagline

“Respect the game. Respect the fans. Respect the U”

Hurricane Fan’s Code of Conduct

  1. Hurricanes fans are encouraged to support the canes while remaining respectful and courteous to their fellow patrons, isitng team fansm team and stadium/arena employees, and stadium property.
  2. Hurricane fans will not engage in disruptive behavior, including foul, obscene or abusive language or gestures towards, or in reference to a student-athlete, coach, official, fan or staff member.
  3. Hurricane athletics staff, student-athletes and fans oppose all forms of discrimination against individuals on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity, race, ability, national origin, and religious beliefs
  4. Hurricanes fans are not permitted to exhibit any obscene, indecent or inciteful messages on signs clothing or other material.


FOCUS 1:  Marketing of the “U Respect” campaign communicated through media outlets (such as print, internet, video, etc.) and on-site signage and collateral at all athletic venues.

FOCUS 2:  Implementation of procedures to ensure that student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans are adhering to the “U Respect” guidelines at all athletic venues.

U Respect of Conduct for Coaches

  • Inform team of purpose of the U Respect Campaign and clearly define what would be seen as a violation.
  • Create a unique reward system for those student athletes who show exemplary respect.
  • Coaches will act respectful when dealing with officials, student-athletes, fans and media.
  • Share with entire coaching staff expectations of them and define consequences of violating U Respect guidelines.
  • Explain to team the value of respect in both victory and defeat.
  • Refrain from obscenities and profane language during practice and competition.
  • Lead by example. Expect the team to follow your role in how they carry themselves.

U Respect Guidelines to Student -Athletes

  • Make respect to the core value of your team and yourself.
  • Display acts of respect during the competition such as handshakes before and after contests and respect during injuries (your team or opponents), and demonstrate a zero-tolerance policy for taunting.
  • Understand the expectations set out for all Miami Student-Athletes and the consequences of violating these policies.
  • Refrain from obscenities and profane language during practice and competition.
  • Get involved with community outreach opportunities during the season and promote sportsmanship and guidelines of the U Respect program to the youth of the community.
  • Lead by example. As upperclassmen on your team, expect the new members of your team (freshmen and transfers) to follow your role in how they carry themselves.
  • Uphold values of respect in both victory and defeat.