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University of Miami Athletics

Jaquelene Heywood




Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

High School

Grimsby Secondary HS

At Miami: Three-year letterwinner…competed with the junior varsity eight in 2004-05…finished fourth in the junior varsity eight petit final at the San Diego Crew Classic…Silver medalist in the junior varsity eight at the FIRA State Championships…competed with the Junior Varsity eight in 2003-04…Gold medalist at the 2004 FIRA State Championships…Bronze medalist at the 2004 BIG EAST Championships…Gold medalist in Freshman/Novice 8+ and Freshman/Novice 4+ at the 2003 FIRA State Championships…Bronze medalist with the Novice 8+ at the 2003 BIG EAST Championships…placed 12th Lexus Central/South Region Sprints…majoring in health sciences. Grimsby Secondary School: Coached by Paul Beedling…earned Senior Oarswomen of the Year…rowed singles to eights…2001 Canada Cup silver medalist…Bronze medalist 2001 Canadian Schoolboy Regatta…Ontario Scholar…Stotesbury Cup and Canadian Henley medalist.


1. Interests and hobbies outside of Rowing: Skiing, Biking

2. List any academic honors you’ve won or class/club offices held: Principal’s honor roll all 5 years of high school. Graduated with Ontario Scholar standing.

3. Why did you choose the University of Miami? Because of the people I met on my recruiting trip. Everyone was welcoming and also what a great opportunity to now go to college with my sister. I simply couldnt pass it up.

4. What was your first impression of Miami? I found life in Miami to be difficult at first. I guess it was just a lot different than life back home.

5. Who is your favorite athlete, Why? Sergio Garcia

6. Why did you start rowing? I always watched my older sister at her regattas and knew that I wanted to be a part of it. She had so much fun at it, so I tried it out. Also, my high school coach told me I would make a good rower. I think it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

7. When did you start rowing? In 9th grade.

8. What challenges did/do you face as a novice rower? I had to develop faster because I was thrown in with more experienced rowers. It has made me mentally stronger simply knowing that I can live up to the expectations.

9. What changes have you recently made to improve your rowing technique? I focus a lot on body control. Basically cutting off the ends of my stroke, making it shorter yet more effective through the water.

10. What is your best rowing memory? Competing at the Canada Cup in Montreal. All 8 of us pulled harder than we could even imagine and it jsut felt so good to win and step up when it was needed. Also, winning the FIRA’s was pretty awesome too.

11. Would you ever consider rowing as a “life sport”? I look forward to being able to own my own boat and go out for a paddle when I have spare time.

12. Any superstitions before regattas? None.

13. What advice would you give young people? I suppose my peice of advice would be to never be afraid to try new things, you never know what it could offer you until you try.

14. What did you do this summer? I worked full-time at Premier Impressions. Visited and got caught back up with family and friends.

15. What are your goals at Miami both in sports and outside sports? I hope to graduate with a Health Science degree and continue to Medical School. With regards to rowing, I want to be a contributing factor in our push for the NCAAs.