Miami Wins a Pair of Heats On Day One at Sunshine State Invite

Miami Wins a Pair of Heats On Day One at Sunshine State Invite

SARASOTA, Fla. – The Miami rowing team had a balanced and successful showing on the first day of the Sunshine State Invite, with the Canes claiming the top slot in a pair of heats while earning four top two times across five races. UM closed the day with victories in the second heat of both the second and first varsity eight boats.

Miami went up against Iowa, Kansas, UCF, Kansas State, Louisville, Jacksonville, Tulsa, West Virginia, Drexel and Boston College on the day. 

“The goal coming out of the heats is to advance and learn for the next round. So, to have everyone advance and know what they need to do better tomorrow is mission accomplished for today. Tomorrow will be very fast and tough racing, and we are looking forward to it!”

The second varsity four boat put up a strong time in its spring debut, taking second in its heat of the race, finishing just 0.38 seconds off the pace set by Kansas.

Miami’s first varsity four followed with another second place time, crossing the line under a second behind Kansas State, while outlasting teams such as JU, Michigan State and Boston College. UM bested BC by over 25 seconds, earning another spot in Saturday’s finals. 

The third varsity eight made its season debut, finishing ahead of Kansas, JU Michigan State B with a time of 7:29.36 for fifth overall. 

The final two races of the day saw Miami take first in the second heats of the second and first varsity eight. The second boat crossed the line in 7:11.78, defeating second-place Michigan State by over five seconds. The first boat tied Iowa for the best mark across heat one or two with a time of 7:06.34. 

UM continues with the finals tomorrow from Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Fla. 


Second Varsity Four (Heat 2)

  1. Kansas (8:07.61)
  2. Miami (8:08.99)
  3. UCF – B (8:24.42)
  4. Kansas State (8:37.35)
  5. Louisville (8:44.58)

First Varsity Four (Heat 2)

  1. Kansas State (7:46.54)
  2. Miami (7:47.29)
  3. Jacksonville (7:49.44)
  4. Michigan State (8:03.66)
  5. Tulsa (8:04.15)
  6. West Virginia (8:06.55)
  7. Drexel (8:09.52)
  8. Boston College (8:12.99)

Third Varsity Eight

  1. Iowa (7:13.98)
  2. UCF (7:16.55)
  3. Michigan State (7:17.39)
  4. Kansas State A (7:18.30)
  5. Miami (7:29.36)
  6. Kansas (7:31.53)
  7. Jacksonville (7:35.54)
  8. Michigan State B (7:38.71)

Second Varsity Eight (Heat 2)

  1. Miami (7:11.78)
  2. Michigan State (7:16.93)
  3. Boston College (7:18.75)
  4. Tulsa (7:20.01)
  5. Drexel (7:25.86)
  6. Jacksonville (7:29.15)
  7. Kansas State (7:31.60)
  8. West Virginia (7:45.36)

First Varsity Eight (Heat 2)

  1. Miami (7:06.34)
  2. Tulsa (7:08.81)
  3. Boston College (7:10.91)
  4. Michigan State (7:14.14)
  5. Drexel (7:17.33)
  6. Kansas State (7:20.63)
  7. Jacksonville (7:23.33)
  8. West Virginia (7:43.49)


Second Varsity Four

  1. Mary Blinn
  2. Lauren Bricca
  3. Holly Prichard
  4. Samantha Helmering

Cox: Lindsay Yap

First Varsity Four

  1. Nicole Wyszynski
  2. Peyton Hulsewe
  3. Grace Gaskill
  4. Mia Harrington

Cox: Tarynn Kaelin

Third Varsity Eight

Cox: Haley Gross
8. Charlie Shaugnessey
7. Anderson Blalock
6. Julia Berg
5. Katherine Aguero
4. Sophia Phillipp
3. Trinity Ferebee
2. Kristen Harkins
1. Ava Marie Stewart

Second Varsity Eight

Cox: Maria Mastrando
8. Paula Espinosa
7. Maya Feldman
6. Kirrali Schofield
5. Paige Jackett
4. Emma Tschetter
3. Caroline Hanlon
2. Mimmi Balaam
1. Meredith Hilmayer

First Varsity Eight

Cox: Loran Graves
8. Naroa Zubimendi
7. Alyssa Bacchus
6. Aaliah Dawson
5. Jovana Stanivuk
4. Constance Stirling
3. Jane Elsner
2. Liane Lopez
1. Stephanie Ferrali