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Rowing Opens Season at Oregon State, Wins First Varsity Four

Rowing Opens Season at Oregon State, Wins First Varsity Four

LOWELL, Ore. – Miami rowing opened up the 2024 spring slate at the Oregon State Invite, with the first varsity four claiming the top slot in the opening competition of the season at OSU’s Dexter Lake.

The Canes went up against OSU and Washington State amidst temperatures in the mid-40s. It was UM’s first of two competitions on the west coast this season. 

Miami sent three boats to the water, including the first varsity four, second varsity four and first varsity eight. 

Miami bested OSU and WSU in the varsity four, finishing in 7:30.6 through the efforts of Tarynn Kaelin (coxswain), Mia Harrington, Grace Gaskill, Peyton Hulsewe and Nicole Wyszynski. UM clipped Oregon State by nearly four seconds, while besting Washington State by just over six.

The second varsity eight and first varsity eight rounded out the morning over the next 30 minutes. All told, four freshmen competed in their first spring competition. 

“That was a fun first day of racing for this group,” head coach James Mulcahy said. “The 1V4+ did an excellent job of keeping its focus internal and rowing their own race; they should be very proud of that effort. The 2V8+ and the 1V8+ had some difficulties at staying consistent at various points, but should feel confident going forward, knowing that when they put it all together they’ll be successful too. A huge thank you to the Oregon State and Washington State staffs for putting on a great regatta, while also helping us with equipment.”

Wind Speed: 7 MPH
Wind Direction: Cross-Tailwind
Other Conditions: Wind speed of 7-10mph with moderate to decreasing chop

Varsity Four

  1. Miami (7:30.6)
  2. Oregon State (7:34.06)
  3. Washington State (7:36.89)

Second Varsity Eight

  1. Oregon State (6:38.58)
  2. Washington State (6:44.48)
  3. Miami (6:59.56)

First Varsity Eight

  1. Oregon State (6:28.6)
  2. Washington State (6:29.24)
  3. Miami (6:35.5)

Varsity Four

Cox: Tarynn Kaelin

  1. Mia Harrington
  2. Grace Gaskill
  3. Peyton Hulsewe
  4. Nicole Wyszynski

Second Varsity Eight

Cox: Maria Mastrando

  1. Meredith Hilmayer
  2. Holliday Prichard
  3. Maya Feldman
  4. Emma Tschetter
  5. Paige Jackett
  6. Kirrali Schofield
  7. Layla Jolley
  8. Paula Espinosa

First Varsity Eight

Cox: Loran Graves

  1. Stephanie Ferrali
  2. Liane Lopez
  3. Jane Elsner
  4. Constance Stirling
  5. Jovana Stanivuk
  6. Aaliah Dawson
  7. Alyssa Bacchus
  8. Naroa Zubimendi