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Magee Found Immediate Bond with Rowing

Magee Found Immediate Bond with Rowing

Who knew that dancing could lead to rowing?


Certainly not incoming freshman Fionna Magee, but that is exactly what happened. During the summer prior to her junior year, Magee was approached by one of her friends at her dance studio. Her friend was a coxswain at the local rowing club and suggested that Magee give it a try.


So, she did.


The Newnan, Ga., native attended a summer camp where she learned the basics about rowing. A majority of the attendees were new to the sport, like Magee, but it didn’t take long for them to love it.”

“I loved being on a team,” Magee said. “With rowing, you have to work together for something instead of working individually like you do in dance. I really loved the bond that you form when you are on the boat with your teammates.”

That bond also forms through the long hours put into the sport. From early mornings on the water to grueling sessions in the gym, Magee explains that being a rower can be exhausting, but extensive training is what must be done to excel.


When practices are especially hard, it is her teammates that keep Magee motivated.


“I know that, since I’m on a team, if I slack then I am not just letting myself down,” Magee said. “If I don’t work as hard in rowing, then my boat won’t do as well.”


The freshman already formed a bond with the team during her official visit, but can’t wait to get to know her new teammates better this fall.

“I had so much fun laughing and hanging out with the team,” Magee said. “I saw how they interacted with each other, and how the coaches interacted with the team, and I just felt like it was somewhere that I really wanted to be.”

Add in a “beautiful campus” and an “amazing film program” and Magee’s decision to attend UM was made. With classes starting next week, Magee and the rest of the Canes are back on campus, ready to prepare for the upcoming season.