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Perry Ellis Halftime Challenge

Win gift certificates from Burdines during the UConn basketball game on Jan. 20th!

Three lucky contestants will be drawn from the contest. The three fanswill be seated at midcourt with three basketballs on a rack. The mediatorwill ask one general question. If the contestant knows the answer, theywill grab a basketball from the rack and drive to the basket to make alay-up and rush back to their seat. The first contestant to sit back intheir seat after completing the lay-up will have a chance to answer thequestion. If the answer is right, the person is selected to participatein the Perry Ellis Halftime Challenge. If the answer is wrong the nextcontestant to make the lay-up and correctly answer the question is thechosen one.

Once the one contestant is chosen, they will have to answer a series ofHurricane trivia to have a chance to win gift certificates from Burdines.

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