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Miami Closes Out Season at Oak Ridge Invitational

May 15, 2011


Coral Gables, Fla.–The University of Miami rowing team concluded its regular season on Sunday at Melton Lake at the Oak Ridge Invitational in Oak Ridge, Tenn. The regatta pitted the Hurricanes against its toughest competition of the season.

The Hurricanes raced two boats in Sunday’s regatta. The Novice crew took on Third Varsity Eight and other novice boats and finished fourth in the finals, crossing the finish line in a time of 7:09.11. The Varsity Eight crew advanced to the Petite Finals after placing fifth in the heat. The V8+ boat then finished fourth in the finals with a time of 6:53.79.

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Open 4 Petite Final 1-Duke (A) 7:48.80 2-Rhode Island (A) 7:54.59 3-Oklahoma (A) 7:57.87 4-Tulsa (A) 8:01.43 5-Tulsa (B) 8:03.59

Open 4+ Grand Final A 1-Virginia (A) 7:25.30 2-Clemson (A) 7:36.79 3-Virginia (B) 7:38.65 4-Notre Dame (B) 7:41.87 5-Notre Dame (A) 7:51.68 6-Louisville (A) 7:54.46

V4 Petite Final 1-Oklahoma (A) 7:39.70 2-Rhode Island (A) 7:45.93 3-UCF (A) 7:50.54

V4+ Grand Final A 1-Virginia (A) 7:12.20 2-Notre Dame (A) 7:22.52 3-Clemson (A) 7:24.54 4-Duke (A) 7:31.02 5-Louisville (A) 7:32.19 6-Tulsa (A) 7:38.39

2V8 Petite Final B 1-Duke (A) 6:58.90 2-UCF (A) 7:00.54 3-Tulsa (A) 7:07.78

2V 8 Grand Final A 1-Virginia (A) 6:39.30 2-Clemson (A) 6:42.36 3-Notre Dame (A) 6:44.92 4-Rhode Island (A) 6:52.45 5-Oklahoma (A) 6:53.55 6-Louisville (A) 6:53.80

V8 Petite Final 1-UCF (A) 6:42.90 2-Tulsa (A) 6:46.53 3-Rhode Island (A) 6:48.17 4-MIAMI (A) 6:53.79

V8 Grand Final A 1-Virginia (A) 6:26.00 2-Clemson (A) 6:31.86 3-Duke (A) 6:34.78 4-Notre Dame (A) 6:35.18 5-Louisville (A) 6:38.84 6-Oklahoma (A) 6:47.27

Open 4 Heat A 1-Virginia (A) 7:32.80 2-Notre Dame (A) 7:45.30 3-Louisville (A) 7:48.38 4-Duke (A) 7:49.77 5-Oklahoma (A) 7:57.39 6-Tulsa (B) 8:14.84

Open 4 Heat B 1-Clemson (A) 7:41.10 2-Virginia (B) 7:46.06 3-Notre Dame(B) 7:51.40 4-Rhode Island (A) 8:03.50 5-Tulsa (A) 8:13.91

V4+: Heat A 1-Virginia (A) 7:25.30 2-Duke (A) 7:36.99 3-Tulsa (A) 7:41.33 4-Oklahoma (A) 7:44.79 5-Rhode Island (A) 7:52.34

V4+ Heat B 1-Notre Dame (A) 7:35.20 2-Louisville (A) 7:36.92 3-Clemson (A) 7:39.17 4-UCF (A) 7:55.91

2V8+ Heat A 1-Virginia (A) 6:50.20 2-Louisville (A) 6:57.33 3-Oklahoma (A) 6:57.84 4-Duke (A) 6:58.55 5-Tulsa (A) 7:15.94

V 8+ Heat B 1-Clemson (A) 6:53.40 2-Notre Dame (A) 6:55.13 3-Rhode Island (A) 6:59.20 4-UCF (A) 7:12.74

1V 8+ Heat A 1-Virginia (A) 6:35.20 2-Notre Dame (A) 6:43.41 3-Oklahoma (A) 6:46.21 4-Rhode Island (A) 6:46.64 5-Tulsa (A) 6:47.44

V8+ Heat B 1-Clemson (A) 6:36.80 2-Duke (A) 6:39.26 3-Louisville (A) 6:41.80 4-UCF (A) 6:46.93 5-MIAMI (A) 6:50.25

3V8+ Final 1-Virginia (A) 6:50.40 2-Clemson (A) 7:04.67 3-Oklahoma (A) 7:07.36 4-MIAMI (A) 7:09.11 5-UCF (A) 7:14.82 6-Notre Dame (A) 7:15.43