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Miami Wins Two Over Kansas State at Longhorn Invitational

Miami Wins Two Over Kansas State at Longhorn Invitational

March 18, 2006

<?xml:namespace prefix=”st1″ ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”?>AUSTIN, Texas– The University of Miami rowing team won two races over KansasState on the second day of racing at the Longhorn Invitational held on TownLake in Austin Saturday. ¬†<?xml:namespace prefix=”o” ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”?>


The Hurricanes were up early ready to compete in the morning session.¬† The Varsity 4 boat of Jordan Louie (coxswain), Taurii Coyne, Julianne Parker, Rachael Sporko, and Marenda Chamberlin got the day of racing started by posting a time of 7:54.2 behind host Texas who, in a repeat of Friday’s result, claimed the win in a time of 7:49.7.


The Novice 8 hoped to continue its winning ways but was upended by KansasState.¬† The boat of Marcy Gunning (Coxswain), Meghan Hudson, Anika Arevalo, Olivia Charbonneau, Justine Lewis, Grayce Palmer, Meghan Leydecker, Jessica Cruz, and Dianna Francisco in the one seat fought hard but were unable to answer the Wildcats’ early push and had to fight from behind the majority of the race.¬† KansasState crossed the finish in a time of 7:04.9 ahead of Miami who clocked in at 7:24.3.


Miami’s JV 8 boat of Jessica Martin (Coxswain), Molly Wilson, Natasha Lejer, Marleena Eyre, Sarah Greyer, Mackenzie Dove, Jaquelene Heywood, Valerie Webb, and Meghan White was able to get the first win of the day for the Hurricanes beating Kansas State by posting a time of 6:56.¬† The Hurricanes led most of the race and finished the Wildcats off with a push to win by four seats of open water.¬†


Heywood, a senior, was pleased with the result, “This is an excellent learning experience for us, and I’m very proud of our team for stepping up to the challenge of racing against fast and experienced crews.”


Miami’s Varsity 8 rebounded from yesterday’s loss to defeat KansasState by approximately five seats.¬† The boat of Laura Comeau (Coxswain), Sarah Conlon, Emy Huntsman, Laura Cordner, Laura Coltman, Sarah Stocks, Rachel Clausing, Bethany Krawec, and Kelly Amsler got off to a slow start giving KansasState an early lead.¬† The Hurricanes battled back, however, using a powerful shift that put them one seat up at the 500 meter mark.¬† Miami continued to push, refusing to lose ground and actually gained two seats over the middle section of the course.¬† The Wildcats made a move of their own but the Hurricanes were able to hold off their attack to win by five seats while posting a time of 6:43.1.


“There is a definite intensity in the boat, I know that everyone wants it on every stroke,” said Comeau, a senior. “I’ve never been around so many female racers that are so dedicated.¬† I wish I had another year because I really think that the program is progressing.¬† To see the success of the JV 8 also, helps us know that we have a solid boat to push us in practice on a daily basis.”


The afternoon session saw Miami’s 8s race against host team Texas.¬† The Hurricanes ran into a fast Longhorn squad and were unable to win any of the three races.¬† Coach Debra Morgan found some positives in the losses, however:


“We’re racing well,” she said. “I’m pleased with the maturity we’re showing and performances we’re giving. The team is developing race by race and this is a great event that is giving us good experience. We will come out of this weekend better racers.”


Novice coach Andrea Saathoff also gave some positive insight, “I think we’re rowing well for early season races, this is giving us a foundation to build on for the rest of the season.”¬†


The Novice 8 posted a time of 7:27.7 against an experienced Texas crew who won the race in a time of 7:05.7.   


“I try to stress keeping focused and learning from each race along with channeling excitement and translating it into pulling hard and going faster,” continued Saathoff. “The Novice crew will progress as they gain more experiences like this weekend.”


The JV 8 and Varsity 8 posted times of 7:10 and 6:50.2, respectively, in losses to Texas. 


The Hurricanes will conclude action at the Longhorn Invitational Sunday morning with races in the 8s and Varsity 4 against boats from Wisconsin.




Longhorn Invitational – Day Two Results

Town Lake – Austin, Texas

Saturday – March 18, 2006


Morning Session (8-10:30 a.m.)

Varsity 4

1. Texas            7:49.7

2. MIAMI           7:54.2


First Novice 8

1. KansasState 7:04.9

2. MIAMI           7:24.3


Second Varsity 8

1. MIAMI           6:56.3

2. KansasState 7:02.4


First Varsity 8

1. MIAMI           6:43.1

2. KansasState 6:46.8


Afternoon Session (4-5:40 p.m.)

First Novice 8

1. Texas            7:05.7

2. MIAMI           7:27.7


Second Varsity 8

1. TEXAS          7:01.2

2. MIAMI           7:10.0


First Varsity 8

1. TEXAS          6:45.4

2. MIAMI           6:50.2