Off the Court with Kaitlin Kozak

Wednesday, September 28

We returned home late Sunday night with a win against Boston College and a loss against Maryland. I knew my week was going to be a challenge because I had my first set of exams. Throughout the weekend, I spent much time preparing for the week. For me, I can usually get more studying done on away trips because of the lengthy time spent in the airport, on the plane, and at the hotel. I can always focus more without television, the internet, and friends around me.

We have one day off a week from practice and this week it was on Monday. I do a variety of things including sleeping, laundry, grocery shopping (since I live off campus), paying bills, or studying. This Monday I went to class in the morning followed by a meeting with my coach, and then I spent the entire afternoon studying for my finance exam on Tuesday. Monday night I had a class from 6:25-9:05 with three of my teammates. It makes for a long day!

For the most part, my team spends the day off catching up as well. Karla spent the day trying to get her break light fixed, and Sara and Jill spent time studying at the beach. The weather is very sunny and warm so it’s always nice to get some fresh air. We are usually tired from the weekend and need the day to recuperate mentally and physically. We only have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to prepare for our next competitor and we have to be fully ready to give a 100% at practice.

Today was another busy day for me-I had class in the morning and then practice in the afternoon. I am planning on spending the evening studying for my last two exams. We play Clemson on Friday night and Georgia Tech on Sunday afternoon at home. We lost to both teams last year, so we are excited to get revenge! Because neither team have been to our gym, we have an advantage. Both teams will be a challenge, however, I have full confidence that we will win. GO CANES!!!

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!