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Rowing Informational Meeting Rescheduled Due to Inclement Weather

Rowing Informational Meeting Rescheduled Due to Inclement Weather

Aug. 25, 2005

The <?xml:namespace prefix=”st1″ ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”?>University of Miami women’s rowing teamrescheduled theirinformational meeting for 2005 tryoutsfromThursday to Monday, August 29th at 7:30 p.m.in the Hecht Athletic Center. Look for signs at the main entrance. The meeting is open to all students, no experience necessary.


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For more information please contact assistant rowing coach Andrea Saathoff at 305-284-3811 or email at asaathoff@miami.edu.


Things to know about Miami rowing…


Can I join the rowing team if I have never rowed before?

While you do need to be athletic and fit, you do not need to have any prior rowing experience. We will teach you everything you need to know to be a competitive collegiate rower. If you have been thinking about playing sports in college, this could be the opportunity for you!


What is rowing like at the University of Miami?

The Women’s Rowing Team is a competitive varsity sport at the University of Miami. There is a staff of 5 coaches for a team of about 60 athletes. The team trains for about 15 hours per week. During the fall, you will learn to row, lift weights and train on land (mainly running and body circuits). You will race at the end of the fall semester against other first time collegiate rowers from all over Florida. The main racing season is from March to May. During this time, the team travels throughout Florida, to San Diego and competes against schools from the Atlantic Coast Conference, which includes Clemson, Duke, Virgina and North Carolina.


As a member of a varsity sport at the University of Miami, you will have access to free tutors and other academic support services. You will also be able to register for your spring classes before the general student population to prevent conflicts between class and practice times.


What is the difference between a rower and a coxswain?

A coxswain (pronounced “cox-in”) is the team leader and strategist. She must weigh less than 120 lbs, be competitive, quick thinking and have fully developed leadership skills. The coxswain is the brain behind the brawn.


Rowers are generally tall (there are always exceptions) and most will have previous athletic experience (although not necessarily in rowing.) Athletes who have excelled in soccer, swimming, basketball or track usually enjoy and do well in the sport of rowing.


What kind of athletes are we looking for?

The University of Miami Rowing Team is seeking women who are interested in doing something new, fun and challenging. We are in search of enthusiastic team players who are excited to compete at the collegiate championship level.


What is the practice schedule?

There will be several morning practice times to choose from, depending on your class schedule. Once you learn how to row it is ideal to not have class before 9:00am. Please attempt to schedule your classes and work schedules around the practice times. If you have a conflict, email the Novice Coach, Andrea Saathoff, at asaathoff@miami.edu or 305-284-3811 so that a possible solution can be found.


What do I do next if I know I want to join the team?

Our first information meeting will be held onMonday, August 29that 7:30 p.m. in the Hecht Athletic Center. Look for signs at the main entrance. This meeting is mandatory for anyone interested in rowing. Until then, have an active and enjoyable summer. Running, basketball, swimming, cycling, aerobics and weightlifting are all activities that can help get you in shape for the coming year!


This is your chance to become involved in a new sport where your potential is infinite and the only limits for success are the ones that you set for yourself. All of the coaches look forward to seeing you at the first meeting!