UM Rowing Set to Compete Against Duke on Indian Creek

UM Rowing Set to Compete Against Duke on Indian Creek

April 28, 2005

CORAL GABLES, <?xml:namespace prefix=”st1″ ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”?>Fla. The University of Miami rowing squad will take part in a dual race against Atlantic Coast Conference foe Duke Friday morning beginning at 7:15 a.m. on the waters of Indian Creek in Miami Beach. <?xml:namespace prefix=”o” ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”?>


The Hurricanes and Blue Devils will compete in the Varsity 8+, Second Varsity 8+, Novice 8+, Varsity 4+ and the Novice 4+ in a 2,000 meter course set on the waters of Indian Creek.    


The Hurricanes were ranked sixth in the Varsity 4+ on the most recent South Region Rankings behind No. 1 Virginia, Clemson, Texas, Tennessee and Louisville. The Blue Devils were ranked fifth in the Second Varsity 8+ behind No. 1 Virginia, Tennessee, Clemson and Texas.


“We’re looking forward to getting another shot at racing Duke,” said head coach Debra Morgan. “We had some really great tight racing with them this past weekend at the ACC Championships so we hope to build on that performance.”


At the ACC Championships held on April 23rd, the Blue Devils edged the Hurricanes by .9 tenths of a second in the Varsity 8+. Duke finished in third with a time of 6:49.50 just a head of the Hurricanes who clocked in fourth with time of 6:50.40.


Miami finished ahead of Duke in the Novice 8+ and the Varsity 4+ at the ACC Championships.


Stay tuned to for the latest Miami rowing news and results.


Miami vs. Duke Race Schedule/Lineups


Varsity 8+ (7:15 AM)

[Cox – Laura Comeau, 1. Sarah Conlon, 2. Karen Wiley, 3. Natasha Lejer, 4. Laura Coltman, 5. Sarah Stocks,  6. Rachel Clausing, 7. Yassi Haririnia, Bow – Anna Cohen]


Junior Varsity 8+ (7:30 AM

[Cox – Jessica Martin,1. Emy Huntsman, 2. Taurii Coyne, 3. Valerie Webb, 4. Ashley Via, 5. Bethany Krawec, 6. Jaquelene Heywood, 7. Molly Wilson, Bow – Deirdre Curran]


Novice 8+ (7:45 AM

[Cox – Jordan Louie, 1. Michelle Pinon, 2. Charlotte Hillery, 3. Meghan White, 4. Mackenna Moeller, 5. Julianne Parker, 6. Christin Brennan, 7. Sarah Greyer, Bow – Courtney Grzesirowski]


Varsity 4+ “A” (8:15 AM)

[Cox – Laura Comeau, 1. Sarah Conlon, 2. Karen Wiley, 3. Natasha Lejer, Bow – Rachel Clausing]


Varsity 4+ “B” (8:30 AM)

[Cox – Jessica Martin, 1. Anna Cohen, 2. Sarah Stocks, 3. Laura Coltman, Bow – Yassi Haririnia]


Varsity 4+ (8:45 AM)

[Cox – Meghan Leydecker, 1. Marenda Chamberlin, 2. Jenny Dunning, 3. Julie Crane, Bow – Mackenna Moeller]


Novice 4+ (9:00 AM)

[Cox -Stephanie Prochazka, 1. Charlotte Hillery, 2. Meghan White, 3. Julianne Parker, Bow – Michelle Pinon]