Hurricanes Finish Fall Season With Solid Results at the Rivanna Romp and Florida Fall Classic

Hurricanes Finish Fall Season With Solid Results at the Rivanna Romp and Florida Fall Classic

Nov. 14, 2004

Coral Gables, Fla. – The University of Miami’s varsity crew finished in second place in the quad competition at the Rivanna Romp Sunday morning after the novice crew took first place finishes in the novice eight and four events at the Florida Fall Classic Saturday afternoon, to close out the fall portion of their schedule.

UM’s varsity squad took part in the Rivanna Romp which was held at the Rivanna Reservoir in Charlottesville, Va. The regatta, which was hosted by the University of Virgnia, was the team’s final competition until the spring.

The Hurricanes’ “A” crew of Sarah Conlon, Anna Cohen, Natasha Lejer and Taurii Coyne, took second place in the quad competition with a time of 15:31.0.

In the doubles competition, Miami’s “B” crew of Ashley Marincsin and Ashley Via came in third in a time of 17:41.6, followed by the “A” boat of Emy Huntsman and Bethany Krawec which finished fourth with a time of 17:48.0.

The Hurricanes’ novice crew traveled to Melbourne, Fla. on Saturday November 13th, to compete in the Florida Fall Classic. The Hurricanes performed well with two first place finishes in the Novice ‘A’ 8 and Novice ‘B’ 4 events.

“I am so proud of everyone on this team,” said novice coach Andrea Saathoff after the Florida Fall Classic. “We have come so far in such a short amount of time and that is a direct result of the commitment and effort they have put forth. Except for two of the rowers in the first 8, not one of these girls had taken a stroke before in their life until they joined this team. Our results this weekend show that we’re on the right track and I’m excited to see how we do in the spring!”

Florida Fall Classic Line-ups & Results

Novice ‘A’ 8 (listed from stern to bow)
Coxswain Stephanie Prochazka, Charlotte Hillery, Jacqueline Petro, Talia
Greenslade, Sarah Greyer, Mackenna Moeller, Julienne Parker, Christin
Brennan, Dot Cockroft.
Results: Miami 12:16 (first place), Jacksonville 12:19, UCF 12:25,
NSU 12:40, FIT 13:17, Rollins 13:24, FSU 13:32, Barry 14:25

Novice ‘B’ 8
Coxswain Jordan Louie, Ashley Deangelo, Michelle Pinon, Meghan White,
Brittany Pyke, Courtney Grzesirowski, Alyssa Eily, Allison Murray, Luz
Results: UCF LW 12:39, UCF, 13:29, Miami (third place) 13:35, UCF
13:40, FIT 14:54, UCF, 15:29

Novice ‘A’ 4
Coxwain Stephanie Prochazka, Talia Greenslade, Jacqueline Petro, Christin
Brennan, Dot Cockroft
Results:Jacksonville 14:02, NSU 14:17, Barry 14:38, FSU 14:56,
Miami (fifth place) 15:01, FIT 15:41, Stetson 16:41, Rollins 16:52.

Novice ‘B’ 4
Coxwain Jordan Louie, Charlotte Hillery, Sarh Greyer, Ashley Deangelo,
Michelle Pinon.
Results: Miami (first place) 15:20, Jacksonville 16:09, FIT 16:34,
FIT 18:05, NSU 18:15, FSU 18:39

Varsity 4
Coxwain Hannah Bae, Molly Wilson, Noelle Van Ee, Sierra Shaffer, Julienne
Results: NSU 12:55, FIT 13:04, Barry 13:05, Jacksonville 13:14,
Miami (fifth place) 13:24, NSU 13:28, Stetson 13:38, Barry 13:50, Embry-
Riddle 14:00, FIT 14:02, Rollins 14:15.