UM Rowing Travel to Melbourne for the Florida Fall Freshman Regatta

UM Rowing Travel to Melbourne for the Florida Fall Freshman Regatta

Nov. 5, 2003

The University of Miami women’s rowing team will compete at the Florida Fall Freshman Regatta in Melbourne, Florida, November 8. The event will be held in Canal 54.

The race, hosted by Florida Institute of Technology, is part of the Florida Intercollegiate Rowing Association. Originally, this regatta was designed as an outlet for the Florida rowing teams to race their Freshmen/Novices for the first time, but it has become a popular race to bring both Novice and Varsity squads together.

“We’re looking forward to building on our accomplishments so far this year,” said Head Coach Debra Morgan. “This is our last race of the fall season so we want to go into our winter training with a lot of momentum and some good results. We’re also looking to consistently dominate in the state of Florida so this is the race that going to let us know how we’re doing with that goal.”

The team is looking forward to seeing what they can do against all the other Florida schools.

University of Miami lineups for the 2003 Florida Fall Freshman Regatta:

Varsity Eight’s

Cox Laura Comeau8 Ashley Marincsin7 Jenny Krawec6 Jacqui Julien5 Caroline Stuart4 Ananda Chou3 Deirdre Curran2 Aoife Forde1 Jordanna Heywood

Cox Jessica Martin8 Anna Cohen7 Bridget Gallagher6 Karen Wiley5 Sarah Conlon4 Rachel Sander3 Laura Coltman2 Rachel Clausing1 Jenny Dunning

Cox Hannah Bae8 Yassi Haririnia7 Jaquelene Heywood6 Taurii Coyne5 Julie Crane4 Tyler Merrill3 Erin Morris2 Katherine Sullivan1 Yennisha Pino

Varsity 4+

Entry ‘A’:

Cox Laura Comeau4-Ashley Marinscin3-Jenny Krawec2-Aoife Forde1-Jordanna Heywood

Entry ‘B’:Cox Jessica Martin4 Jacqui Julien3 Caroline Stuart2 Ananda Chou1 Deirdre Curran

Entry ‘C’Cox Hannah Bae4 Yassi Haririnia3 Jaqui Heywood2 Taurii Coyne1 Julie Crane

Freshman/Novice 8+

Cox Meghan Leydecker8 Valerie Webb7 Ashley Via6 Alicia Alamar5 Marenda Chamberlin4 Sarah Stocks3 Erin Morris2 Molly Wilson1 Noelle Van Ee

Novice 4+

Entry ‘A’:Cox Meghan Leydecker4 Karen Wiley3 Sarah Conlon2 Valerie Webb1 Laura Coltman

Entry ‘B’Cox Hannah Bae4 Molly Wilson3 Ashley Via2 Alicia Alamar1 Marenda Chamberlin

Entry ‘C’Cox Caroline Fernandez4 Michele James3 Morgan Goodwin2 Sierra Shaffer1 Melissa Mattus

Miami concludes the Fall season, but returns to action in the Spring of 2004.