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Q&A With Hurricane Volleyball Player Kristi Sprinkel

Q&A With Hurricane Volleyball Player Kristi Sprinkel

Sept. 19, 2001

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?“I chew gum when I play, so after the warm-up I put in a new piece of gum for the game.”

Q: If you could play another sport at Miami, what would it be?“Swimming.”

Q: What is your greatest athletic moment?“Beating UCONN my junior year at Boston College.”

Q: What is the biggest thrill in your life to date?“Meeting and kissing Dan Akroyd.”

Q: If you could play in any arena in the world, what would it be?“Kelly Rink, the main arena at Boston College.”

Q: Who is the toughest player (college) you have faced?“Notre Dame is one of the toughest college teams that I have faced.”

Q: What is the one place you would most like to visit?“Africa, on a safari.”

Q: When you played volleyball as a kid, who did you pretend to be?“I pretended to be Molly Shannon- Superstar..”

Q: What is the best thing about the University of Miami?“The warm weather and good sports teams.”

Q: If you could be a superhero,who would you be?“Mighty Mouse, so I could constantly shout, ‘Here I come to save the day!'”

Q: What is the best advice you have ever received?“To remember that what doesn’t kill you will just make you stronger.”

Q: If you could invite three people to dinner in history, who would they be?
1. Lucille Ball
2. Michael Jordan
3. Salvador Dali

Q: If you won $1 million, what would be the first thing you would buy?“Stocks.”

Q: What is the one moment in history that you would like to have seen?“I have two moments in history. The first is the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the second is the actual journey of the sailors from Gloucester, MA during the ‘perfect storm.'”

Q:What is something that people do not know about you?“I do have a serious side.”

Q:If you could switch places with someone for one day, who would it be?“Martha Stewart.”

Q:Where do you see yourself ten years from now?”“Ten years from now I hope to be married, working in Boston, and living on a cul-de-sac with my college roommates and their families.”

Q:If you could bring anything from your hometown to UM, what would it be?“Roggies Pizza.”.

Q: If you were not playing college volleyball where would you be?“Living in Cape Cod for the summer because I would have to start a real job in the fall.”

Q:What is one thing you would change about college volleyball?“I would want volleyball to be more respected.”

Q:What is your favorite website?

Q:What type of volleyball shoes do you prefer to play in?“Nike running shoes.”