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Rowing Kicks-off the Regular Season

March 31, 2011




CORAL GABLES, Fla.-After months of training and two exhibitions matches, the University of Miami rowing team is finally ready to kick off the spring season when they head up to Norfolk, Virginia to face Old Dominion this Saturday.

The Hurricanes come in to the season with many newcomers, but expectations and excitement are high.

“Everyone’s excited to start the season,” said Head Coach Andrew Carter. “We put together our roster for competition. There were no real surprises, but a couple seat changes. It’s the first step in seeing what we have for ACC’s.”

The Hurricanes will race two varsity eights and a varsity four against the Monarchs. However, at the end of the competition, the first varsity eight boat will break to into two varsity four boats, and Old Dominion will do the same.

It is unusual for rowers to race twice in a day at dual meets, but provides a chance for added practice for both teams. Next weekend at the Knecht cup in Camden, N.J., this will be part of the regatta.

For more information on the University of Miami rowing team, please contact the University of Miami Sports Media Relations Office at (305) 284-3244. You can also log on to for further details.

Starting Lineups


1. Katalin Horvath
2. Coutney Keller
3. Jess Morrell
4. Maggie Fragel
5. Kodey Williamson
6. Sarah Medland
7. Breanna Hayton
8. Theresa Recicar
C. Maria Siemann

1. Beth Callahan
2. Tina Lighter
3. Amanda Vedros
4. Katie Stanzilis
5. Chelsea Vandish
6. Danielle Smith
7. Katie Guest
8. Julia Reisner
C. Amanda DuPart

1. Jen Levine
2. Dani Yuska
3. Angelique Ogilvie
4. Heather Durkee
C. Alyson Hall

4+ A (this crew is comprised of 1V8+ rowers and will race the equivalent crew from ODU)
1. Breanna Hayton
2. Sarah Medland
3. Kodey Williamson
4. Theresa Recicar
C. Maria Siemann Exhibition

V4+ B (this crew is also comprised of 1V8+ rowers and will race the equivalent crew from ODU)
1. Courtney Keller
2. Katalin Horvath
3. Maggie Fragel
4. Jess Morrell
C. Amanda DuPart