Q&A Meghan Leydecker

Oct. 17, 2003

Interests and hobbies outside of Rowing:

I enjoy skiing, playing tennis, golfing, playing softball, watching sports, and watching movies.

List any academic honors you’ve won or class/club offices held.

Merit Roll (1999-2003), graduated New York State Regents with honors, Daughters of the Heart of Mary Scholar.

Why did you choose the University of Miami?

I chose the University of Miami because of its location, great academics, and its comfortable atmosphere.

What was your first impression of Miami?

My first impression was that I thought the campus was beautiful, and the students were very laid back.

Who is your favorite athlete? Why?

My favorite athlete is Derek Jeter, the shortstop for the New York Yankees. Although he is no longer considered one of the top players in the game, his ability to lead and inspire his teammates is very motivating. Also, he has given back to the community by setting up his own foundation to keep kids off the streets and drug-free.

Why did you start rowing?

When I first started coxing, I was 4’10” with a loud mouth. I had played tons of sports such as ski racing and softball, but I was too small to really get far with any of them. When I started at my high school I learned about crew and decided it really fit my interests. I signed up for the team, and the rest is history.

When did you start rowing?

I started rowing when I was 13 and a freshman in high school.

What challenges did/do you face as a novice rower?

The biggest challenge I faced as a novice rower was having to compete for a spot in the top boat. It took a while, but eventually, I figured out how I could prove my self as a coxswain, and I did it.

What changes have you recently made to improve your rowing technique?

I, like all coxswains, have to adjust to my different crews. Each group of people has rowed differently together, so I’ve had to altered the way I’ve coxied each boat I have been in.

What is your best rowing memory?

My best and worst rowing memory was coming in fifth place at Statesbury in 2002. Although it was the most devastating loss of my life it reminded me of why I love crew. It taught me that the bond shared between teammates can be more important than winning. Sometimes, that is.

Would you ever consider rowing as a “life sport”?

I’ve met too many 70 year old women who row singles on Sunday mornings to say no to this. However, I will admit that it is much more, because of expenses and convenience, to row your entire life than it is to golf.

Any superstitions before regattas?

My boat mates and I were extremely superstitions. Before every race, we said the same prayer in three different languages, and listened to the same songs, wore the same things, (no matter what the temperature was outside) and did the same warmup.

What advice would you give young people?

Do something new everyday.

What did you do this summer?

I played tennis, helped coach the Junior B program to my club, went to New York City, swam, watched a lot of TV, and went to concerts.

What are your goals at Miami both in sports and outside sports?

In sports I want to win a national and conference title. In academics, I want to graduate with honors and obtain skills to secure a career.