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Miami Rowing Announces Novice Information

Miami Rowing Announces Novice Information

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The University of Miami Women’s Rowing Team announces an invitation to join the Novice Rowing Squad.

Miami head coach Dave Sanderson invites all incoming freshmen women to learn about rowing. The Hurricanes will host a novice rowing information session on Sunday, Oct. 8, at 6 p.m., in the Senate Room in the Shalala Center.

“Rowing is a unique sport in college athletics,” Sanderson said. “Right now, all across the country, athletic and competitive women are taking the opportunity to try a sport they have never tried before.”

To learn more about Women’s Rowing please email Coach Claire Frenkel:

At Miami you can “walk-on” to the rowing team with NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE.  If you are enthusiastic about trying something new please reach out to Coach Claire Frenkel.

Miami Women’s Rowing Team:

Rowing is a sport where races are won with maximal effort and a great attitude. There are two positions on our team: 1) The Coxswain – she will steer the boat, and encourage and coordinate the rowers. To be a coxswain, you should be under 115lbs and an athlete. 2) The Rower- she uses all major muscle groups and moves in sync with her boatmates to get to the finish line.  To be a rower you should have prior athletic experience.

Novice Rowing

Novice is our program for women who have NEVER rowed before. We will teach you how to row from the very beginning. The program is geared for competitive women who are new to rowing, but have PRIOR COMPETITIVE AND ATHLETIC EXPERIENCE. Novice operates with our Freshman Squad, so you learn the Miami Way on the water and in the weight room with other first-year team members. You also receive all of the privileges of being an athlete at one of the greatest Athletic Departments in the country. 

The best part is that you will get to race in the novice category; this keeps the playing field level for everyone who is just starting out! If you show great attitude and effort, success will follow. For the truly dedicated, there may be opportunities to earn athletic aid and move up to varsity.

What’s Next?

The FIRST THING you should do is fill out our questionnaire at Type “IWannaRow2020” in the code box.

NEXT, shoot Coach Frenkel an email

Common questions are:

“I’m going to be a double major, do I have time?” ABSOLUTELY! More than 75% of our team have multiple majors AND multiple minors.

“Can I handle the balance of school and athletics?” (YES, YOU CAN!!  We just graduated a Cum Laude Mechanical Engineer who was one of the top 5 women on the team!)….

“Will I miss a lot of school?” (Less than 10 days all year!) ….

“How much do uniforms cost?” (They are FREE; we are sponsored by Adidas!)

For more information, please attend the novice rowing information session on Sunday, Oct. 8, at 6 p.m., in the Senate Room in the Shalala Center.